Wexxon is an international group of organizations specialized in detecting business opportunities and in developing strategies and plans to transform those opportunities into a successful reality. Wexxon, L.L.C., the holding company based in Miami, Florida, United States, coordinates all the subsidiaries within the Wexxon Group umbrella.

Depending on the complexity and magnitude of the project, Wexxon will if necessary, bring under its leadership a consortium of companies with superb skill in their field. Each in possession of special abilities for the success of the business deal. Wexxon’s diversified operations and investments involve more than 30 subsidiaries in 10 countries, with business relationships in Asia, Europe, the American and the Caribbean.

Wexxon maintains a low-profile image and a personalized, direct market penetration strategy that emphasizes the best possible relationship with suppliers, partners, customers, government authorities, and related businesses in the countries of the operation. Its sales and services policy is based on competitive pricing, high quality products and services, and strict fulfillment of its commitments and obligations.

Wexxon entrepreneurial activities comprise a wide range of businesses that provide real answers to its costumers’ needs. These often become market niches unseen by other competitors, due to Wexxon’s ability to secure advantages such as: special financing conditions, a reduced time of completion or supply, or better product or service quality.

Wexxon can be found in projects as diverse as construction of hydroelectric plants and airports; promoting five-star beach hotels or developing the tourism plan of whole country, producing asphaltic emulsions, advising Works Ministries on the applications, or applying this technology to new road system through its own construction company. Wexxon cultivates cut flowers or does brokerage of oil tankers; expands and modernize a country’s most important seaport, coordinates the sale of the industrial complex or establishes an international communications network.

Heterogeneous entrepreneurial activities such as these require a profound knowledge of the market, top level banking and financial relations, superb business management abilities, as well as the ability to detect new business opportunities, to rediscover old ones and to innovate in project development. All of this is supported by high-caliber human resources.

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