Founder, Chairman & CEO of The Wexxon Group. Member-Partner of CorpoPetrol / CorpoCapital Worldwide Organization and CEO of the Commodities Division. President of SARKARA Group of Companies.

An entrepreneur with proven experience, discipline, and management expertise; with a track record in profit production, innovation and results in accordance with the pre-established mission. Mr. Gonzalez Echemendia's view is oriented towards human/social development and environmental protection. A visionary who is always looking for business opportunities that combine well with a social/community developmental goal. In the last 40 years this has been the key factor on multiple business activities and in the promotion of new successful ventures in South America, Central America, USA and the Caribbean

He played an important roll, initially in Venezuela, as Founder, Partner, President,  CEO and/or Boards Member, in a Private Companies Group in the Service Sector:  Insurance and Reinsurance field; Finance and Banking; Luxury Resort Hotels; Developer of Real Estate, Pre-fabricated Housing, and Condominiums; and Resort Communities Development (developed more than 6,000 Hectares) in Venezuela.
Construction Company that built infra-structure projects in Venezuela and in other Countries, directly or in consortium with some of the larges Construction Companies in the World, working together in the construction of Roads, Airports, Ports, Schools, and Social Housing Development Projects. Asphalt Emulsion Plant; Marketing and Mass Distribution Products; In Bond Warehousing in “Free Port”; Management of Cargo and Containers dispatch; Engineering & Designs; Hydro-electric Project; Tourism Master Plan and Airport Development Consultant; Agriculture and Flowers farm; and Commodities Trader.

In addition, Rolando Gonzalez Echemendia has been active in a leadership roll in community service: Venezuelan and International organizations of institutional business; insurance and reinsurance chambers (local and international); executive and entrepreneus associations; and youth educational associations. Editor of magazines for Boy Scouts and leaders. The Rotary Club and the World Scout Movement have been an important part of his life. He is also an art collector and an enthusiastic reader who seeks to keep up to date with the constant change and management challenges of the Twenty-First Century. Last but not least, Rolando Gonzalez Echemendia is a disciple of the late Peter F. Drucker.