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About Us

Wexxon is an international group of organizations specialized in detecting business opportunities and in developing strategies to transform those opportunities into a successful reality.

Wexxon develops its business through its three ( 3) divisions:

  • Wexxon’s Construction Division
  • Wexxon’s Biotech Division
  • Wexxon’s International Trade Division

Wexxon’s Business Divisions

Wexxon Construction

As General Contractor, specializing in works on roads and bridges, infrastructure and social housing, that we describe as “Humanitarian Projects”.
Wexxon’s Construction Division includes Housing, Buildings (Mixed Use), Ports and Airports, Viable Infrastructure, Hydroelectric, and Project Development.

Wexxon BioTech

Dedicated to scientific research; production of medicines and basic primary
compounds used in the formulation of secondary drugs with various applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries; the genetic treatment of seeds and cuttings for agricultural production; Organic fertilizers; bio-remediation of environmental damage, especially oil spills.

Wexxon International Trade

Located in the State of Sao Paulo and Paraná, Republic of Brazil, for the export of foodstuffs, chemicals and high quality detergents, personal care products and medicines from Brazil, where Wexxon has (2) subsidiaries and an associated pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products, network internationally recognized brands; direct relations with sugar mills; farmer cooperatives; processors of beef, chicken and pork; canned products; machinery and other building products.